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Who Am I? Marketer, Bassist, Blogger or Youtuber?

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Well, I’m all those things I suppose. I’ve been a musician all of my life. I’ve also played bass professionally for over 20 years. My musical career has taken everywhere from the Broadway orchestra pit to the smokiest bars where I was paid in beer. If at all, in my earlier day. 

My introduction to marketing started in 2016 when while I was living as a touring musician on a Broadway show called Kinky Boots. It was during its 2nd year that it occurred to me that I should have “something” in place to make money before the tour closed. So I started learning affiliate marketing. I immersed myself in Youtube videos. However, as that was ALL it was doing. I didn’t make any money and I gave up. 

Fast Forward to early 2017 when it was announced that after 3 years, our tour would be closing. Not wanting to get a “day-job” I decided to give entrepreneurship a try again. It was different this time though. I immersed myself in tutorials and books and found myself listening to Jim Rohn, Les Brown and Tony Robbins constantly. Then something changed.

I started to really BELIEVE in myself and that I could make money online.

I started reaching out to other marketers, networking on Facebook and taking things a lot more seriously. I started off with network marketing, but as an introvert, the idea of recruiting was VERY uncomfortable for me. After months of “getting out of my comfort zone,” I decided that THAT particular model of marketing was not for me 

It was soon after my network marketing stint that I decided to get into affiliate niche sites, product launch jacking, product reviews, and blogging. Which brings me to present day. 

My goal is to continue to make my living 100% online which will allow me to not only focus on music without worry it will also allow me to live out my dream to be a full-time digital nomad.

The goal is to be able to travel, just my laptop, my bass and I and continue to run my businesses while traveling, immersing myself and other cultures and learning languages. All while documenting my travels on my Youtube Channel

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Hanging Out With Affiliate Gurus Brendan Mace and King Human

I’ve been fortunate enough to have met and formed friendships with some incredible affiliate marketers and it is in THIS community that I have chosen to reside.

I am an Affiliate Marketer, Youtuber, Blogger, and SEO, but I will ALWAYS be a bassist and musician. Its where my heart is!

My goal is to help others like me with tips and tricks to help them grow their businesses.

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