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Funnelize Review + Bonus

Funnelize Course Launch Details

Launch Date: December 20th 2018, @10am

Vendor: JayKayDowdall

Front-End Price: ($12.95-$19) ($37 after December 27)

Funnelize Review Ipad Bundle

Before we begin, I honestly can’t believe the amount of value I found in this course! I’m super excited to share my Funnelize review with you and let you know the in’s and out’s so you can make an informed buying decision.

What is Funnelize??

Is an evergreen course that teaches you how to combine all of the traffic training, affiliate training, software, programs, coaching you’ve ever purchased in the past and combines it all into 1 cohesive plan. 

Created by Super-Affiliate JayKay Dowdell, Funnelize over 8 hours of training and Over 30 Videos, PDFs, Cheatsheets all rolled into a very affordable course.

This course is GREAT for beginners in affiliate marketing and that don’t know much about sales funnels.

What Is a Sales Funnel?

Very simply, a sales funnel is a series of webpages designed to lead your customers through a series of steps to achieve your ultimate goal of getting a sale. 

People seem to think that sales funnels are complicated, and some CAN be, but a newbie can create a sales funnel in minutes with the right training and a good template.

So no need to bang your head against the wall. I’m here to help you!


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Who is Funnelize For:

  • Digital Marketers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Facebook Ads
  • List Building
  • Bloggers
  • Coaches
  • Business Owners

Who is JayKay Dowdell?

Jaykay is an internet marketer that is well known for putting out quality courses. This is probably 3rd of 4th courses he’s launched this year. Each course better than the last. I’m always impressed with the amount of time and energy he puts into his courses.

Funnelize Review Jaykay Image

He also happens to be a very cool guy!

What Will I Get Inside of Funnelize?

Funnelize is PACKED full of golden nuggets that when applied can really help you grow and scale your business. The courses come loaded with:

  • 14 modules of video training, Over 8hrs of original high-quality content
  • Over 30 Videos, PDFs, Cheatsheets, and MORE
  • 8 “guru” level funnels broken down step-by-step into actionable training
  • Over 25 Cheatsheets and PDFs
  • Case Study showing how one funnel generated $4,500 in sales in 7 days
  • Email marketing training


Funnelize Membership Area

Funnelize Membership Area

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What Are Some Other of the Features of Funnelize?

  • Hours of 100% Newbie Friendly Video-Based Training
  • Completely FREE Traffic Training Included
  • Intermediate Paid Traffic Training
  • Advanced Retargeting Training
  • No List is Required! Choose one of the 8 funnels included to build your list!
  • Full case study and funnel breakdown of a $225,000 guru-funnel!
  • Learn to build your email marketing list like the pros!
  • Newbie friendly from beginning to end!

What’s In Each Module Of Funnelize?

  • Module 1 – Detailed Introduction & Overview
  • Module 2 – Funnelize 101
      • Why use a funnel at all, and how does a funnel actually work?
      • Tools required to setup your funnel successfully
      • Introduction to creating an awesome lead magnet
  • Module 3 – The Perfect Lead Magnet
    • Forget all of those other “just grab some PLR” trainings you’ve seen, this is the most detailed lead magnet training outside of private coaching…
    • How to identify the core problems of your audience including 3 “classroom style” activities
    • How to craft a perfect headline and title of your lead magnet
    • How to assemble your lead magnet correctly and easily
  • Module 4 – The Funnel Gateway
      • The MOST important funnel you will create; converting traffic into email subscribers
      • Walkthrough of the 2 pages of this incredibly important funnel
  • Module 5 – The Tripwire Funnel
      • Detailed funnel map explaining the tripwire funnel and how I use it to get, basically, free advertising from Facebook
      • Cheatsheet to explain who this funnel is for, when to use it, and the price of products required to make this funnel profitable
      • Case study walkthrough of my own tripwire funnel
  • Module 6 – The Webinar Funnel
      • Complete funnel map and explanation of the webinar funnel; including how to get cheap webinar registrations and increasing the show-up rate to webinars.
      • Cheatsheet explaining the use and value of the webinar funnel and when to deploy it, and what the value of products should be to keep the funnel profitable.
      • Case study walkthrough of my own webinar funnel
  • Module 7 – The Launch Funnel
      • Funnel map explanation and step-by-step lecture on the launch funnel created by Jeff Walker
      • Cheatsheet to explain who this funnel is for, when to use it, and the price of products required to make this funnel profitable
      • Case study walkthrough of a $225,000 launch without using affiliates
  • Module 8 – The Affiliate Funnel
      • Detailed funnel map explaining the affiliate funnel and how I’ve leveraged it to get insane conversion rates and sales numbers from a small list.
      • Cheatsheet to explain who this funnel is for, when to use it, and the price of products required to make this funnel profitable
      • Case study of my own affiliate funnel where I made $4,500 in 7 days using this exact approach.
  • Module 9 – The Mega-Ticket Funnel
      • Detailed funnel map explaining the mega-ticket funnel and how I use it to close coaching students for $5,000 programs or more
  • Module 10 – The Offline Client Funnel
      • Detailed funnel map explaining the offline client funnel and how I’ve used this to create a simple 2-page funnel for my offline clients that gets excellent results for their brick n’mortar businesses. 
      • Cheatsheet to explain who this funnel is for, when to use it, and the price of the type of client this funnel works best for.
      • Case study walkthrough of the offline client funnel I am using with a physiotherapist client of mine.
  • Module 11 – The Tagging Funnel
      • Detailed funnel map explaining the tagging funnel and how I use it to segment a large audience to different opt-in pages more suited to their needs.
      • Cheatsheet to explain who this funnel is for, when to use it, and why you should segment your leads.
      • Case study walkthrough of my own tagging funnel
  • Module 12 – Retargeting Training
      • A complete overview of the power of retargeting, how it works, why you should do it, and a simple ‘case study’ style example showing that adding retargeting can more than 6x your revenue!
      • How to install the Facebook Pixel & Google Tag Manager
      • How to create Facebook custom audiences
      • How to create remarketing audiences in Google Adwords
      • Simple blueprint for Facebook retargeting ads
      • Simple blueprint for Google retargeting ads using the Google Display Network
  • Module 13 – Email Marketing Training
      • Email marketing is an important messaging channel for your funnels to work correctly, in this module I will show you the 3 types of emails you will need to learn to effectively market to your leads via their inbox.
      • The “first kiss” email which is a revamped permission marketing approach to the old 90’s style confirmation email
      • The “dating sequence” is a nurture-your-leads style training to help increase trust and rapport with your audience
      • Finally, there is a general training to explain some of the more fundamental emails used inside a funnel.

Lots of very cool stuff right? Are you doing the happy dance now? I am! 


funnelize features

Funnelize Price Structure

funnelize funnel image

FE: Funnelize ($12.95-$19) ($37 after December 27)
Funnelize is an evergreen training that teaches you how to combine all of the traffic training, affiliate training, software, programs, coaching and combines it all into 1 cohesive plan. Ultimately resulting in more sales and leads than you thought possible.

OTO 1: Funnelize Black Book ($37)
10 additional funnels from million-dollar gurus completely reverse-engineered and “funnelhacked” from top-to-bottom including salespages, OTOs, emails, and more…

Includes funnels from Russell Brunson, Amy Porterfield, Anik Singal, Anthony Morrison, Sam Ovens, Ted McGrath, and more…

OTO 1 Downsell : 5 DFY Chatbots ($17)
5 of the case studies are removed from the BlackBook

OTO 2 : Funnelize University ($47) ($47/mth after December 27)
Funnelize University is going to become one of my flagship recurring products in 2019 at a recurring price of $47/mth – but during launch ONLY I will lifetime membership be $47 one-time!

The Funnelize University (yes, it’s FU lol) will have additional content updated weekly.

FU also has more black-book style funnelhacks, one-on-one feedback from me on student funnels, live training on advanced features, additional email/retargeting content, new funnels created and taught, deep-level tutorials and more.

OTO 3 : DFY High-Ticket Funnel ($197 @ 50%)

This Done-For-You funnel is completely hands-off once created. Just send clicks, and it does the rest…

  • All webinar registrations are automatically added to your autoresponder (all major autoresponders are supported)
  • All pre-promotion training is provided by my team
  • All follow-up emails and replay emails are provided by my team
  • The webinar is my own product; high converting Facebook ads training content.
  • Each funnel is designed around each student, and the webinar even mentions them by name during the stream

Funnelize FAQs

What Exactly is FUNNELIZE?
Funnelize is a video training designed to help beginners and veteran marketers put together their own funnels to help make sales and drive traffic to “value-points” in their business.

Do I Need a Website?
You do not need to own a website to use Funnelize, all pages can be hosted individually. However, if you’re interested in using Funnels to build your brand, it’s recommended to have some central place online to host your branding details.

I’ve Never Made a Dollar Online – Is FUNNELIZE Really Going to Help Me?
I truly believe Funnelize is going to be a breakthrough for many marketers. There is so much garbage training online that teach nothing but flash and gimmicks, I wanted Funnelize to provide you with real business advice used by legitimate 6-7figure marketers.

Does FUNNELIZE Require Any Paid Tools?
Funnelize requires that you have an autoresponder and something to build pages with. In the course, I make no apologies for recommending Clickfunnels, however, I also explain that you can have a perfectly great pagebuilder installed onto WordPress for just $5.

There are no additional paid tools required.

I’m Not a Beginner – Can I Still Get Value from FUNNELIZE?
Absolutely! Funnelize can be used by marketers of all experience and industries.

How Much Time Will it Realistically Take to Setup My First Funnel?
That’s going to vary from person to person, however, setting up the simple but effective “Gateway Funnel” should take no more than 1hr

How Much Can I Make Using FUNNELIZE?
I’ve used the funnels inside Funnelize to make anywhere from $1,000 to $20,000 in just 24hrs. However, my experience is likely much more than yours. Don’t focus on the dollar value from each funnel, consider it an important piece of your marketing toolkit.

What do I have to Do to Get Started?
It’s easy! Click the button below and customize your order then just watch the training and take action!

My Funnelize Summary

Things I Liked:

  • Extremely thorough course full of great information and resources
  • JayKay isn’t about vague hype. He gives solid examples and proof of his results and how you can achieve them too
  • I compiled quite a nice list of PDFs and cheatsheet through his course that contains a lot of great information

Things I Didn’t Like:

  • A lot of theory can be overwhelming to new marketers. You may have to watch the videos several times to get the more advanced concepts
  • You’ll need money for many of the tools he recommends. Which can be hard if you are brand new.

Funnelize Bonuses(Click to Go to Bonus Page)

In addition to my CUSTOM bonuses, there are also 3 bonuses that you will get via the vendor. 

Vendor Bonuses

Image of Funnelize Bonuses 1-2

Image of Funnelize Bonuses 3/4

  • Other INCLUDED Funnelize BONUSES:

    • The action-takers blueprint; an extensive video showing you a detailed video checklist of all the moving parts to check before deploying any of the funnels taught inside the course
    • Mastermind group access via Facebook
    • Email marketing templates


My Bonuses

These bonuses are unique to me. In order to get them, you must buy through my link below.

Please clear cookies to ensure you’re getting it from me. My affiliate ID is: 629077   

1. 28 Free Plug N’ Plug Funnels

2.125 Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Commission Programs

125 Lifetime Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs MasterList


3. High Ticket Affiliate Programs to Promote

High Ticket Programs List thumbnail

4. 100 Free Email SwipesSqrible Bonus 3 Image

5. Hack tp Build List and Increase Commissions At The Same TimeMy Sqribble Bonus 1 image

6. Free Module From My Ranking Rockstar Renegade Course

7.5 Sales Funnel Diagrams For Free

5 Sales Funnel Diagrams For Free

8.Free Copy Of My Niche Renegade Course (For OTO Buyers Only)

(A Full Course on how to Create and Rank a Niche Affiliate Site )

Thumbnail of Funnelize Bonus Niche Renegade Course

To get this Bonus, just email me at [email protected] with your proof of OTO purchase. 


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Thank you for checking out my Funnelize Review!

Feel free to get in touch with me via my contact page!

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