PBN and Expired Domain Tips

Buying Tips

  • Make sure it has a Trust Flow 15+
  • Make Sure it has a MOZ DA of 10+
  • TF x 1.25 = Max CF (as close as 1:1 ratio as possible) = preliminary check
  • Make Sure to Watch out for:
    • Blog Comments
    • Directories
    • Forum Links
    • Spam (use Ahref and Wayback Machine)
  • WayBack Machine Check: allows you to see what it used to be. Allows you to check for spam. 

Types of Domains

Expired Domains: totally dropped out of the system and can be registered from any registrar in the world. Age resets. Not as powerful 

Expiring domains: As expired but the main registrar. But kept during the grace period just incase the owner wants to re-new. Age doesn’t reset = aged domain

  • How to Find Them

    • Brokers
    • Scraping
    • Auctions (i.e Godaddy) = For Expiring Domains. Can be pricey.
  • Auctions

    • NameJet
    • Godaddy Auctions
    • NameCheap Auctions (less quality than GoDaddy)
  • Backordering Services:

    • SnapNames & Pheenix & DropCatch. Snatches a domain that you are watching the moment it expires and registers it for you. 

  • Registering

  • Register them with multiple registrars. Leaves a footprint
  • Mix up your creation dates as well – don’t open all of your accounts on the same day
  • Have different WHOIS info for each: Not your same name and address on each domain
  • Registrars
    • NameCheap
    • Godaddy
    • Dynadot (whois privacy = useless)
    • Internet.bs

FreshDrop Settings (see Video)

  • Trust Flow= Min 10-15+
  • Moz DA = 10+
  • Check the Box “Indexed By Google”




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