My Review of Print Profits & Walkthrough

In 2017 it seemed like EVERYONE and their mother opened up a Shopify store and started dropshipping.

Fred Lam is known for being a BIG supporter of drop-shipping, in addition to being a top-dog marketer.

Fred is most known for his iPro Academy and his last course Zero Up. 

The training inside of Print Profits is a cut-above many of the e-commerce courses that I’ve taken.

Unlike many of the reviews, you may see on Google, my real is by a REAL User of the course

That’s right!!

I’m going to give you a FULL WALKTHROUGH of the Print Profits Course member’s areaSo I’m here to give you guys the scoop on this badass dropshipping course.

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Preview Of My Review on PDF

Michael Shah, a 7-Figure Earner in the E-Commerce space teaches the course. 

Don’t Know Who He Is?? Check him out!!

Bio Image og Print Profits Michael Shah

What the Heck is This “Printing Profits” Course All About?? 

I’m glad that you asked that question!

And that’s NOT the name of this course! Pay attention PLEASE!😜

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Print Profits will show you how you can create a 100% automated 7-figure print-on-demand business.

The Course is broken down into 8 modules and Fred and Michael cover topics such as:

  • How to build a highly profitable business without worrying about competition?
  • How to sell hundreds of products with just a small $5 daily budget?
  • How to dominate Facebook Ads and sell products completely unique to you?

Course Breakdown (Simple)

The Course of broken down into 8 modules. In addition, there are 4 Bonus Sections that cover these topics:

  • Merch By Amazon
  • Legging Mastery
  • Funnel Stealer
  • Google Shopping

Course Breakdown (Full Walkthrough)

Module 1 

Module 1 focuses on the foundations of running an e-commerce business. You won’t get very very without learning:

  • How to find your niche in the first place (an area so many get stuck at…and NOT take further action. PICK A NICHE DAMMIT!)
  • Creating a brand and logo
  • Setting up your shop on a service like Shopify
  • Simple things like establishing your contact information for support
  • And the best Shopify Apps to use
  • Setting up your autoresponder
  • Tips on best places to get stock photos, It’s not as easy as you’d think to get GOOD stock photos.
  • Affiliate Link Tracking – Where so many marketers go wrong. If you can’t track your results, you cant scale!

Module 2

  • Focus on design theory and the images that can evoke emotion and increase conversions
  • He list several HELPFUL resources for places to get design ideas.  
    • We don’t always realize HOW important design is to a buying decision. So a good portion of this module is figuring out proper design, getting in touch with your customer avatar.
    • More work needs to be done to find appropriate designs, finding designing and most notably, avoiding COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT.  I’m NOT PLAYING! DO NOT STEAL!
  • Don’t complicate this. Aim to be unique and creative. MAKE IT YOUR OWN!
  • He provides USEFUL NICHE RESEARCH sites that you should pay attention to!

If you’re at all unsure as to how to work with outsources, Fred and Michael give you GREAT TIPS for how to find the best outsourcers, while maintaining a unique design, tailored to your demographic. 

Module 3 – The Membership Area Screenshot

Screenshot of Module 3

Module 3 – The Overview!

This is a VERY important module because it involves finding reliable vendors and sources which can be on of THE HARDEST parts of having a Shopify store and dealing with the links of Aliexpress.

This actually one of the most KEY modules,  because if you’re going to drop-ship you need reliable sources. Otherwise, you run the risk of angry customers waiting 8 weeks for their delivery.

Always TEST your vendors for the best:

  • Delivery Time
  • Promptness of Communication 
  • Understanding your Vendor: Believe it or not, a language barrier mistake can cause a DISASTER. Make sure your vendor and you understand each other. 

So vendors will take 7 days and some will take 28 days.

While you’re customers wait for their order, it is YOU who has to field the angry “WHERE IS MY ORDER” messages.

It SUCKS!!!😩

I’d sooner have my tooth pulled in a dark alley than deal with the “its been 72 hours, where is my order people”!

Module 4ALMOST halfway there! Don’t quit now! I’ll Tell all of Facebook 😉

Sylvester Stallone Running GIF by Rocky - Find & Share on GIPHY

This Module, especially in the overview section, is actually Michael being ENCOURAGING. Granted, He’s NOT Gary Vee. You’re NOT going to want to crush peoples heads together after this module! 

He’s pretty mild-mannered and at times a bit monotone, but you can tell that cares.

I just don’t see him as a natural motivator. He’s more the brains behind the operation. 

That doesn’t mean don’t listen to his advice.

He Knows his stuff. So LISTEN UP!!

Other sections of note include in this module:

  • Traffic: The issue that is the hardest for most marketers. Michael guides you through free and paid methods to promote your store
  • Facebook Pixels: The best thing to ever happen to marketers and the WORST thing to learn as a newbie. Let Michael guide you. He won’t steer you wrong. 
  • Ad Types and Creatives

There’s more, but who am I, your personal guide!?

Well, I guess in this case I am. Sorry for my outburst!😉

Trust me. This is ALL useful information in this module. ESPECIALLY if you need more training with Facebook Ads. 

Module 5: What Will I Learn Here?

Well, you know how in the last section you learned Facebook ads? Well, if you don’t how to SCALE those ads, you’re DEAD in the water. Meaning, you HAVE room for growth that you’re NOT utilizing.

Pay attention to this section if you wanna 11x (sorry Grant, 10x is for sissies….11x it baby!) your income. 

Module 6: You Need a Fan/Business Page

Get over it! Get one. You’ll need one to run Facebook Ads.

This section is PACKED full of nice tidbits of information on how to create and maximize your Facebook Fan Page. There is also a section on customer service, which is often overlooked by new drop-shippers.

Customers WILL get pissed off if you don’t communicate with them.

Learn This Skill!

Module 7: Funnels

Look, I’m NOT Russel Bronson. I’m not here to tell you about funnels or to buy Clickfunnels but learn to build FUNNELS. And watch this section for golden nuggets on how to optimize a good funnel for maximum conversions. 

You’re a marketer, be sure to use the word “funnel” as much as possible! Thank me later! 

Module 8: Email Marketing

Look! I’m going, to be honest. I’m NOT the best email marketer.

In fact, here is RARE footage of “me” when I think of having to even WRITE emails.

Table Flip GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

BUT, its a necessity. So, just realize that and learn. Your bank account will thank you.

Anyhow, other important videos include: 

  • Retargeting
  • Branding
  • GDPR (Anyone else SUPER tired of hearing about this?)

You Made it!! Well, through the MAIN Section of the Course.

However, ONLY SLACKERS would stop there!

So there are bonus sections that I want to tell you all about.

You Might as well get your monies worth!

Bonus Sections – Some GOOOOD Stuff Folks!

Bonus #1: Merch By Amazon

  • Learn how to get Started With Amazon
  • Full Walkthrough from start to finish on how to get up and running

Merch By Amazon Screenshot

Bonus #2: Legging Mastery

Well, if you’ve wanted to get into the LEGGINGS GAME, now is the time. Calm down! I know you’re excited! Who doesn’t love leggings?🙄

Anyhow….there is a company called Xlusion that is the big name in leggings. So here’s the goods:

  • Downloadable Templates, to help you get started.
  • The training is NOT just leggings (thankfully). It also t-shirts, jackets & other apparel. 
  • They Also hook you up with some Pre-Made Designs

Image of Fred Lams Course Bonus 2


Bonus #3: Funnel Stealing

Fred and Michael both make 7-figures. Learning to create funnels can be challenging, but luckily for you, they are going to let your COPY their funnels.

You’ll Need Clickfunnels. However, it’s worth it to have a WORKING TEMPLATE. 

print profits funnel stealer thumbnail


Bonus #4: Google Shopping

This is a simple, effective and often forgotten about traffic source. This module will help you make sure you’re products get seen on Google Shopping.

Image of Bonus 4 Google Shopping


Bonus #5 – Bi-Weekly Training & Bootcamp: Q & A

This module is over an hour of questions and answers and is a good step-by-step webinar

My Overall Opinion of Print Profits

Things I Liked:

  • Packed full of information that if applied can get you up in running in e-commerce
  • Access to their 7-figure templates and funnels
  • The course will take you a few hours to get through, but the videos aren’t long
  • This course will not only teach you Print-On-Demand but also has a strong email marketing component. Email marketing is a necessity in this business and it’s not taught enough in my opinion.

Things I Didn’t Like:

  • It’s a lot to absorb all at once. I recommend watching this in stages and taking diligent notes, as well as TAKING ACTION along with Michael so you can follow along with him.
  • The course assumes you have a basic knowledge marketing, if you are brand new it will take a bit of time to understand it all. Its worth it!
  • The price is steep for newbies but the payment plan makes it more manageable
Print Profits Review

Print Profits Launch Details. 

Launch Date: July 5, 2018
Launch Time: 08:00 EDT

Vendor: Fred Lam & Michael Shah

Front-End Price: $997 or 3 Payments of 397 every 30 days.

Image of Print Profits Buy Botton

Now it’s time for my AWESOME BONUS PACKAGE!!

You can only get these THROUGH ME!


Bonus #1Private 30-45 On-Page SEO Skype lesson: If you search for SEO Glossary 2018, you’ll see I’m ranked between 3-4. Don’t believe me? Have a look!

Image of My SEO Glossary Ranking Proof

Notice, I’m In Incognito Mode!

I’m DAMM good at ON-PAGE SEO, and I want to share what I know so I’m willing to:

  • Give you a private 30-45 Skype lesson where I show you HOW I ranked this post
  • View YOUR Blog post and help you with YOUR on-page SEO and how you can improve it. 
  • Send you my On-Page SEO Checklist/Cheatsheet.


Bonus #2 – My CUSTOM Off-Page SEO Hacks For Youtube Training Video – Off-page SEO is often thought of as a second-class-citizen to On-Page-SEO. That’s not the case. In this 15-Minute video of PURE VALUE training, I show you some hacks that you can use to help your Off-Page SEO. I’ll show you things such as: 

Thumbnail Print Profits Bonus Off Page SEO Hacks

You Can Only Get This Bonus FROM ME!

  • How to optimize your titles so that they rank better
  • How to Increase View-retention
  • Places to Get Good Backlinks that many people DO NOT use!
  • How To INDEX Those Backlinks


Bonus #3 – My CUSTOM “Quick Hacks for a Print On Demand T-Shirt Store With Shopify” – As I mentioned I did have a Shopify store at one point. Ultimately, my heart wasn’t in it so I eventually closed it to focus more on affiliate marketing and SEO.

However, I took many POD courses in addition to Chris Record’s 90-Day Challenge (access the course notes HERE via Google Drive). It’s over 100 pages of notes from the 90-Day Challenge. Thumbnail Make Money With POD The Basic

So in this SHORT video, I will pass on a few tips and hacks that I learned along the way. 

  • Places to Get T-Shirt Ideas From
  • Sites to Find Free T-Shirt Mockups
  • Websites for Gettting T-Shirt Mockup Ideas


Bonus #4 – Print-on-Demand Playbook – Print-on-Demand is ever VERY lucrative. I had a Shopify store and it did ok, but I changed focus but this ebook will teach you: 

  • imsge of print on demand playbookLearn How to Turn Your Digital Content Into a High-Value Book and DVD in 60-Minute 
  • How To Use Createspace and Kunaki To Create Hot Selling Physical Products!


Bonus #5 Shopify Secrets – Shopify is one THE best platforms to Shopify-SecretsThumbnailstart in e-commerce. It’s not hard to learn, but there are plenty of hacks and secrets to help you get a BOOST FOR MORE SALES. This course will teach you how to:

  • Choosing products that are right for Shopify
  • Identifying your target customer
  • Hacking the competition
  • Choosing which products your store will sell
  • Adding your products to your store
  • Customizing your e-commerce website. 
  • Setting up your shipping and taxes (this is GOOD information and where a lot of people get confused)


I Hope that you enjoyed my Print Profits Review


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